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“Endocrine Disruptors is a weekly podcast that features stories of the scientists behind your favourite hormones. Each week, we highlight a new interview with real scientists who study hormones in any capacity, highlighting the diversity of hormones as well as the folks who study them.”

Podcast Hosts


Main Host: Katherine Hatcher

Katherine is a 5th year PhD candidate in Neuroscience at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA. She studies how environmental factors impact the brain and behavior in both rodent and human models. While Katherine’s first research love is circadian biology, Katherine fell in love with hormones when she first took an endocrinology class her first year of her PhD. She was fascinated by how hormones are not only regulated by the circadian system, but also are critical for feeding back on the brain and regulating behaviour and circadian rhythms.

Guest Host: Shreya Patel, PhD

Shreya is a STEM career and professional development advisor at the Student Center for Science Engagement at Northeastern Illinois University, USA. As an advisor she provides her students with holistic advising for their STEM path. Shreya has worked with many students to help them find and work towards their scientific career goals.

PROTECTED ESRs Melissa, Solomon, Que, Mazia & Chiara had the opportunity to be interviewed for this exciting new podcast.

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Melissa Kelly (ESR 1)

Episode Airs: September 10th, 2019

Solomon Oguche (ESR 12)

Episode Airs: TBA

Que Thi Doan (ESR 9)

Episode Airs: TBA

Victoria Mallia (ESR 10)

Episode Airs: TBA

Mazia Amber (ESR 13) & Chiara Talia (ESR 3)

Episode Airs: TBA

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